If you are considering starting a food business and are
interested in renting space in one of the Detroit Kitchen Connect licensed kitchens, here’s what you’ll need:

Register for and attend one of the DKC Informational Workshops held at Eastern Market. The workshops are currently held on Zoom and in person at the Eastern Market, Shed 5: Jan. 13, Feb. 10, Mar. 10, Apr. 14, May 12, & Jun. 9. The workshop is $15 to attend. You cannot apply for any DKC kitchen spaces until you have completed the workshop.

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  • You must complete ALL of the following BEFORE applying for kitchen space:  
    • Complete a ServSafe Food safety course and receive a ServSafe Certificate (register at PIC Food Safety for the 1 day course; cost is $195.00); you will need to attach your ServSafe Certificate to you application.
    • Register your business (cost varies depending on what type of business you establish; application can be found at LARA; this process will provide you with the necessary EIN/Tax ID Number you will need for your business; you will need to attach a copy of your registration (i.e. LLC, DBA, etc.) to your application.
  • After being ACCEPTED into a Detroit Kitchen Connect kitchen:
    • First, you will fill out the DKC Intake Form and pay the $200-$300 deposit Depending on which kitchen you are accepted in, you will pay this AFTER your application is accepted but before you begin working in a DKC kitchen.
    • Second, Purchase insurance (DKC requires a $1 Million general liability policy that names whichever DKC kitchen you work out of as co-insured); such insurance policies generally run between $300-$500 per year and will be required by many events, retailers, vendors, and businesses you work with; you will need to attach a copy of your insurance policy to your application.
    • Third, apply for and be inspected for your Food License through Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development or your local health department; you cannot utilize any DKC kitchen space until you have been inspected and approved by MDARD.
    • Fourth, create Standard Operating Procedures and Critical Control Points for making your product; you will need these for your MDARD inspection/licensing.


  • You will need an email account
  • You will need a business bank account
  • You will need packaging
  • You will need MDARD approved labels on your packaging
  • You may need nutrition facts on your packaging
  • You may need an allergen certificate. Your inspector will tell you if this is required.
  • You will need to know:
    • Who will make the product?
    • What is the shelf life of your product?
    • What is the cost of your product(s)?
    • What is retail or wholesale asking price?
    • Who is your target market? (Retail or Wholesale)
    • How will you distribute your product?
    • How are you planning on sourcing the ingredients?
    • You will need NFS approved equipment for making/storing products.
    • You will need a clear, scalable recipe.
    • You will need a list of and source for any specialized equipment you require (all equipment must be PRE-APPROVED by PIC Food Safety, Eastern Market’s kitchen management entity).

Mentorship. If you  need assistance starting a food business contact FoodLab, MSU Product CenterTechtown DetroitBuild InstituteProsperUS Detroit, Accounting Aid Society our partners are available to help.

Interested in renting the kitchen for a one-off event? Learn more here.