For questions about Kitchen Connect applications, requirements, scheduling, and rates, please contact Anika-Kafi Summers Grose at

For questions about FoodLab Detroit:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to FoodLab at the Green Garage, 4444 Second Ave., Detroit 48201. Please email or call in advance for information on office hours, meetings and other events:, 313-799-3468.

8 thoughts on “CONTACT US

    1. Hi Sarina, we’re having our next quarterly meeting on March 10th with kitchen Owners/Operators in the MI/OHIO region. These are the folks who work with dozens of up-and-coming food businesses and this meeting is a place where we share information / resources and brainstorm together. Please email me at for more information.

    1. Gerogia,
      The Friday Offices Hours meetings are open to anyone interested in starting a food business. Typically there are several food entrepreneurs, a FoodLab staff member and other knowledgeable people from the community. The meetings are from 8am -10am at 4444 Second Street, Detroit. Looking forward to having you there.

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