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  1. I am an up and coming caterer very interested in renting out kitchen space as soon as possible. Please contact me via email for more information.

  2. I am looking to start selling my family salsa. I just don’t know where to start and I would love to be able to sell it at Eastern Market. I know that I will have to make it in a commercial kitchen, so some information on how to get started would be great. Thank you

  3. Just saw you and your wonderful business on TV 2 and I look forward to visiting real soon. Every day I have tea and I just got back from Burma and Hong Kong with some special Tea and I am always looking for more.

    1. Andre,
      Thank you for reaching out. The Detroit Kitchen Connect program does not have a commissary for food trucks, trailers or carts at this time. If we become aware of new commissary in the Detroit Metro area we will post that information on this website and the Eastern Market Website for this program.

      Best of luck,

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