Detroit Kitchen Connect, a program of Eastern Market Partnership, helps community kitchen partners become centers of food activity in their neighborhoods, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship. In helping partners to make kitchens accessible, and providing technical assistance, workshops, and other startup services for food businesses, DKC supports a diverse group of entrepreneurs to do what they love and contribute to Detroit’s growing good food system.

If you have an under-used kitchen and are interested to learn more about joining the Detroit Kitchen Connect network please contact us.

Michigan Incubator Kitchen Network
Beyond our immediate network of kitchens, the DKC convenes a quarterly state-wide meeting of incubator kitchens that are currently operating or developing shared-use kitchen projects in Michigan and our neighboring regions. Meetings will rotate to Michigan incubator kitchen locations.  Check back for upcoming locations.

To learn more or participate in these meetings, please contact Anika-Kafi Summers: