Getting Started
Interested in opening a small food business? We’re here to help!  The first step for most prospective clients is to complete the following intake form.  We require the following for all entrepreneurs who want to use the DKC kitchens. (READ MORE…)

Our Mission
Detroit Kitchen Connect exists to provide reliable, accessible space for local entrepreneurs, community members and organizations to process high-quality food products in a diverse and collaborative learning environment. (READ MORE…)

2 thoughts on “KITCHEN USERS

  1. Hi my name is Brittani Murphy and my aunt Sheree Taylor and I are bakers. We would love to open a bakery and supply Detroit with our wonderful and creative desserts. I was wondering is there any space for bakers?

    1. Hi Brittani,
      There is always room for more bakers. The question you need to ask is what makes my goods different, unique, special, and exceptional. Then you need to deveople a business plan, product list, cost analysis and find your niche.

      I look forward to speaking with your about your business soon.

      Anika Grose
      Detroit Kitchen Connect Coordinator, Eastern Market

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